There are many students who have made wrong decision in life and later applied for transfer to different colleges. This happens when they aren’t guided properly. Often we judge a book by its cover, but not every time what you read about certain thing is true. I have personally seen students working hard for good colleges and they even get selected for their majors. However, after first semester they realize that the major isn’t for them or the teaching process isn’t favorable. Hence later, after first or second semester they transfer to colleges that help them with their knowledge and talent.

This is why it is necessary to know in and out of any campus before going for it. This cannot be understood just by going through their official website. You either need to take tour of the campus or interview a student from the same college. Not everyone can get that opportunity, especially those who are staying in a different city.

Therefore, they can view their colleges on CampusReel. It is an online site where students from different colleges upload the inside views and opinions about their colleges along with informative blogs. This helps students to know more about the colleges they are interested in. At least it helps reduce transfer percentage every year.

Every college admission process requires GPA, SAT plus ACT scores. However, the scores are different for every college. Read more on CampusReel to know regarding the selection process and required documents for individual colleges. It is mentioned in detail for every college in US.

Apart from documents, there are three things that are important for applications to be approved by the colleges.

  • GPA
  • ACT
  • SAT

Every college has their set grades and scores for all three which has to be achieved. Some colleges just worry about SAT or ACT along with GPA. This means, in every scenario, GPA plays an important role. By any chance, you’re unable to score desired GPA points, then start working hard for SAT as well as ACT scores. This is because sometimes the application selectors in colleges change their mind after looking at good scores in SAT and ACT and approve applicants for enrollment.

SAT and ACT score is important in two scenarios –

  • In the start of the term when selection is under process. The committee reviews the entire application to match with the college requirement.
  • When the list has been narrowed and finally it is time for acceptance. Even if the list has been narrowed, there is only limited seats for applicants, therefore every score is scrutinized properly.

It is possible that your application is similar to that of your opponent. If you’ve scored better in SAT compared to your opponent, then your application is likely to be accepted.

There are also instances when SAT score becomes less impressive –

  • If you’ve other characteristics that are more convincing. This means, if you’ve poorly performed in your SAT, but have achieved a medal in national level in sports, or received a patent or award in medical science or technology, then you’re likely to be selected.
  • If you have achieved any award or recognition in the course of subject which you want to study, then your SAT score is ignored. For example, you want music as your major and you score is bad in SAT, but have performed in national stage in music competition, then you are chosen for further scrutiny.

There is nothing to worry about. There are many colleges who don’t give weightage to scores or grades. These colleges no longer give importance to standardized tests, but check other documents and essays.

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