The James Madison University which is popularly known as JMU is a famous public research university located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. This university was founded in the year of 1908 as a Industrial School meant for women at Harrisonburg.

Later the institution name was changed into Madison College in the year of 1938 to honor the President James Madison. Finally, the name was changed to James Madison University in the year 1977.

Let us try to know about JMU GPA, test scores and more in this short article.

Admission statistics of JMU

In order to know about admission criteria to any of the universities in the country, you must enquire about the following few things:

  • Acceptance rate
  • SAT scores
  • GPA

Knowing about all these statistics, you can find how much chance you have to get into the university.

  • Acceptance rate

Acceptance rate of this university in the last academic year was 71.1% which means out of every 100 applicants, 71.1 applicants has been admitted into the university. Therefore, if you are not far below average, you have got chance to get admission.

Since this university is not too selective about their candidates, you can still have hope to get into it easily.

  • SAT scores

With 25th percentile the new SAT score will be 1120 and with 75th percentile the SAT score will be 1290.

In simple words, if your SAT score happens to be 1120, then you will fall under the category of below average while by obtaining 1290, you will move into the above average category.

Though there are no absolute requirements of SAT, you can score minimum 1120, then you get a chance of being considered.

  • GPA

Average GPA of 3.56 will be considered in JMU as very competitive score. With this score, you can easily fall under the category of average candidates who are likely to be admitted into JMU.

Therefore, if you have a mixture of “A”, “B” or little of “C” then you can get through. In case, you have taken AP/IB classes, then your chance can further boost up.

Those who have already reached junior or senior classes there is hardly anything you can do about your GPA. So, in case your GPA is below 3.56 then you must try to score better in your SAT test.

How to increase your chance 

JMU greatly values various extra-curricular activities and therefore with the following, you can increase your probability of getting admission.

  1. Prefer to join in any sports team during your school band or any other group activity. For instance, if you have interest in music, then you must join any music group and participate in various music events.
  2. You may also prefer to volunteer in various activities in your hometown. James Madison University will prefer to have applicants who prove to be a good ambassador for her school as they want all students give back something to local community.
  3. Try to spend your summer holidays doing something that can improve your values, leadership qualities, personal growth and other characteristics which are less quantifiable characteristics.

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