Stony Brook University or SBU was established in 1957. It is registered as SUNY. The college was started to prepare teachers for secondary school for science and mathematics. It was initially situated in Oyster Bay and later in 1962 was shifted to Stony Brook. The land on which the campus was built was donated by Ward Melville who was a local philanthropist.

SBU has five main missions –

  • To provide highest quality of education to undergraduates and graduates.
  • To commence research of international level to enhance the knowledge of every student, so that it becomes useful in future.
  • To groom students about economy, culture, and technology of international countries so that they are well aware of current scenario that will help them face consequences in future.
  • Providing volunteering work to global community so that University is positioned at top rank.
  • To also serve as a source to regional healthcare and provide innovative care to undeserved.

Forbes declared it to be among the top 15 best colleges in America. Most students dream of joining SBU. Many students also get accepted readily which also includes transfer students. If you want to know more about SBU, you can check CampusReel portal site. You can learn more here about various colleges and schools in US. They are not affiliated with any university or office, but they are independent entity that helps students make right decision.

In CampusReel, students upload their personal videos and articles about their universities on the site. This helps candidates to explore the actual inside view of colleges. There are many things that aren’t mentioned on college website which is only understood after entering the campus. Thus, CampusReel helps you not to judge a book by its cover. To conclude, it saves you time and money and helps in making right decision.

Here are some best reasons of applying for SBU –

  • The campus has its own traditional ceremonies where they enjoy every occasion with interest and enthusiasm. Chill Fest is for students to enjoy new semesters, Strawberry Fest, racing rubber ducks, etc. are some of the cultural festivals that are enjoyed well within the campus to make everyone feel at home.
  • The campus is small which makes it easier to walk from one classroom to another. A stretch of 30 to 35 minutes of walk make the campus friendly, comfy and convenient.
  • There many types of research programs launched which is carried by all professors. You will definitely find one project of your interest which will increase your interest, enthusiasm and help in future to apply for grad schools.
  • Safety of every student is college’s priority. There are police and guards located everywhere within campus so that even while walking late night you will not feel scared.
  • The college is well known for their discovery and innovation in medical science. Dr. Paul Lauterbur, SBU researcher won Nobel Award in Medicine for discovering MRI technology.

The SBU alumni are living all over the country and contributing towards global community. There are many scholars and renowned people, who have graduated from SBU, are making a remarkable appearance in the world in medical, arts, business and other fields. The spirit of students in SBU is always high as the college helps them in participating in many activities that keeps them excited and involved.

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