There is environment crisis going on due to plastic bag usage.  It is estimated that an average person uses over 350 plastic bags every year. It takes hundreds of years for plastic bags to decompose. More than 500 billion plastic bags are produced every year. Imagine the magnitude of damage this could pose to the environment.

Shifting to reusable bags:

Many business owners are switching to reusable bags to combat the negative impact of plastic bags. It is a great initiative which in turn urges more people to cut down on plastic bag usage. By giving your customers reusable bags to carry your products home, they make it a point to bring the bag during their next shopping trip.

They find it to be a better option when compared to paying few cents for plastic bags every time. If your store still uses plastic/paper bags, ditch them and purchase custom grocery bags. There are a number of whole sale manufacturers offering eco-friendly bags at competitive prices.

Worried about the cost?

The reason some business owners are apprehensive about purchasing reusable bags is because of its price. There are many low-cost bags out there in the market. Don’t just get carried away by price. Not all of them are of high quality. Some of them are thin and not durable. You need to provide your customers with good quality bags. It creates a good reputation about you.

You need to select a wholesaler who offers the right balance between quality and price.  Custom Earth Promos is immensely popular in Florida for their competitively-priced eco-friendly custom bags. They cater to all your customization requirements. You can add your business name, logo and/or your caption to it. Call them and discuss your requirements.

How to select a bag?

There are few considerations before selecting a bag.

  • Consider the size and average number of products that goes into the bag: Depending on this you can select the size and thickness of the bag. The choice of bag handle also depends on the weight of the products.
  • Do you want to affix your business logo in the bag? Customization demands additional costs. But branding the bags with your company name and logo doubles it up as a marketing tool. As a result, your sales shoot up.
  • Number of bags: Have a rough count of the number of bags you’ll need.
  • Bag type: The attractiveness of the bag would be appreciated but look out for durability and comfort. Your customers would use it often only if they find it functional.
  • Budget: Fix a budget in mind and narrow down the choice of wholesaler.

Cut down on price without compromising the quality:

After you’ve found a good wholesaler, enquire if they offer discounts on bulk orders. If you are in need of 10,000 bags and if discounts are provided for minimum order of 12,000, you could be flexible in terms of bag count if you find the extra investment worth the deal.

You don’t have to spend a lot on reusable bags. With little research, it is possible to find an ideal bag supplier.

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