Whether a dining room or entryway a chandelier transforms the space and gives an enhanced look to it, but choosing a perfect lighting is quite tricky for anyone. 

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The following are few tips that help you in making your home beautiful with perfect chandeliers.

Browse websites and visit stores

Many people are often confused while choosing a chandelier because there are endless lighting options. You can purchase a right one depending on factors like room size and design. Also, you can read the articles on popular chandeliers, visit websites of online stores, or head to a retail store nearby.

Decorate pieces that match with chandelier

You can enhance the chandelier look by using different decorating pieces. For instance, you purchase a brass chandelier, and then weave brass touches such as decorative objects, picture frames or candlesticks. In case, you choose vintage wood chandelier get dining chairs made with same wood.

Hang chandelier at correct place

You have to follow few guidelines while placing chandelier. For instance, you want to hang chandelier above dining table hang 30-36 inches over table. There is a simple rule that is if ceiling is taller, then choose taller chandelier. Here are few ideas to hang a chandelier in your home.

  • Entry way – You can make a great entry statement with a chandelier. Make taller ceiling and hang unique style chandelier over 7 feet at entryway. With this, guests will expect major styles ahead.
  • Living room – Although, ceiling mounts in living space is perfect, but simple metal chandeliers will give moody elegance to the space.
  • Kitchen – A sculptural, playful chandelier on utilitarian finishes and sleek lines ensures a stunning view in kitchen. In case there is more space, hang matching chandeliers pairs for a double impact.
  • Bedroom – Fabulous lighting fixtures on the walls of bedroom are perfect to choose from. In case, the bedroom has high ceiling tiered, oversized, chic designs makes the bedroom feel more cherished.
  • Bathroom – Show stopping chandelier is a definite luxury factor of a bathroom. Chandeliers like multilayered crystal or brass metals can elevate even uninspiring lighting fixtures.

Place chandeliers in unexpected areas

Even though, chandeliers look awesome in classic spots including entryways, bedrooms and dining rooms, but hanging them in unexpected areas looks more innovative and fresh. That is you place a chandelier in children‘s room, kitchen, and in other locations.

Make chandelier room focal point

Chandeliers are the attractive part of any room. This is true, in case of rooms having beautiful chandeliers with vibrant colors. Place chandelier over decorative items or beautiful furniture. With this, those items will be in spotlight and grabs the attention of your guests.

From several centuries, chandeliers have been great attractive decorative item that transforms a simple living space to a more beautiful home. 

There are many online stores that sell attractive, chic chandeliers, choose the best one and order your favorite chandeliers today that compliment your home.

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